Use What I Have 2023

In December 2022, I entered my quilt space and was so overwhelmed by all my stuff that I didn’t want to make anything. I had bundles of fabric sitting in piles that I hadn’t opened and fabric stuffed in boxes and in containers that I couldn’t identify. At the same time I was listening to books about minimalism and started to wonder how I could apply the idea to my quilting space.

I started by making a donation of 20lbs of scraps to The Social Justice Sew Academy, and then took a stuffed garbage bag worth of teeny scraps to the fabric recycling center and you still can’t see a difference in my sewing space.

I made a rule that I’m not allowed to by any fabric in 2023, and I need to finish with what I have in my stash. This guideline of using what I have and letting go of what I won’t use has lite a creative fire under me. I figured out how to use backing scraps from 6 or 7 years ago to make a new backing for another quilt. It seems like the more I get rid of the more ideas I have. I’ve made 3 quilt tops from fabric just sitting in my sewing space.

Here is what I have so far:

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