2022 Finishes

Exploding Heart Quilt

This quilt was a bit of a group project because all the fabric was either gifted to me from by Instagram buddies or was from my stash. I created this quilt to use as a background for for my work. I work as a mental health therapist, and I wanted something that would lend support and encouragement to the people I work with. I thought the visual of an exploding heart was an apt picture for the healing work of therapy. I also opted to use the fabric to tell a story. Tula Pink loves to put animals in her fabric and I started to think of the symbolism of various animals and how they can be a support to us on our journey of healing. I am VERY proud of how this one turned out. Pattern is by Slice of Pie Quilts

The Bags

This year I decided to conquer my fear of zippers, so I made two bags. The pattern is Project Bag 2.0 from Patterns By Annie. Turns out zippers aren’t nearly as scary as I thought they would be. Surprise!

Badass Quilt

I’ve had the pattern for this quilt for so long, but it was just sitting. Then sister bought me the backing fabric for my birthday and I had a bunch of leftover fabric from my Nebula and Tattoo Quilt Along. And this fantastic quilt came to be. Also, I love to remind people: You are brave! You are beautiful! You are a BADASS!

The Knitting

This summer I decided that I wanted to start knitting. I have no idea why. It isn’t as if I don’t already have an expensive hobby that temps me to turn hoarder in my life. However, after watching sister crochet, I got the itch to make something from yarn. So here it is.

Cherish Quilt

There’s something intensely satisfying about finishing an English Paper Piecing Project. They take so much time and attention to detail. This pattern is Cherish by Jodi of @Talesofcloth It was perfect for all my large print Tula Pink fabrics. It was fun to break out the rare bits for this one.