What I’m Making or Finishing

When I first made this Work In Progress (WIP) list, it felt like shouting a dirty secret. You can see the sew a longs I just HAD to join as well as all the projects I started and didn’t finish.

The more I update this post, the more I start to see the progress I’m making it. Since I started this blog in May, I’ve moved four projects off this page and on to the finished list, and I finished sewing together the tops for two English Paper Piecing projects!

This list also serves as a pause for me before I start anything new. I have 6 quilts that need quilting. Four projects that I either pulled fabric four or started and have not finished. And three English Paper Piecing projects in progress with two more on deck. That is plenty busy.

What I’m Quilting

Mischief Quilt – pattern by Karen Tripp of diyaddict.

Status: I finished all the machine quilting I plan on doing. I think I’m going to try hand quilting the centers, but I’ve never done that before.

What I’m piecing


This sew-a-long is in full swing! I’m having a blast sewing and making friends. Status: 100/100 blocks sewn. Zero ideas on how to layout the blocks.


What is Waiting to Be Quilted 

1. Sugar Skulls Quilt

I swear it felt like this just happened. I was looking at the De La Luna fabric husband bought me as a Valentine’s Day gift and the next thing I knew, I had a block finished.


2. Fancy Forest from #ElizabthHartmanAllTheAnimalsSAL

Status: Top done, needs quilting, fabric on hand for backing, binding made

3.  Tula Pink Butterfly quilt from #TulaPinkButterflySAL

Status: Top done, needs quilting, fabric on hand for backing, binding made


4. Husband’s T-shirt Quilt II

Status: Needs binding


5. Violet Craft Peacock

Status: piecing finished and papers removed. Everything one hold while I decide what to do with it.


6. Death by triangles or Moda Modern Building Blocks 2014

Status: This one is heading to the long armer Then back to me for binding

What is Waiting to be Pieced

1. Block 14 – after doing the #100days100block2017 challenge I wondered what would happen if I made a whole quilt from one block in the book.

Status: I don’t like the way the colors are working on this quit, so it’s sitting in a box while I pretend it doesn’t exist.

2. Student Impact T-shirt Quilt.

Status: I made a bunch of squares from old t-shirts. They are sitting in a bin

3. Purple Hearts

English Paper Piecing Projects

1.Grandmother’s Flower Garden

Status: 22/48 flowers assembled, 10 more flowers to add to quilt top, 12 full flowers and 10 half flowers to make; fabric selected, will probably need more border fabric, need fabric for backing and binding

2. Ice Cream Soda Quilt

Status: On hold, I clearly had no idea what I was getting into when I started this, so it is sitting

3. Mandolin Quit

8/9 blossoms done Working on filling in the background.


4. La Passacaglia

Status: Papers and book purchased; dreaming. I’ve decided to wait to start this quilt until after the fabric fast. All my favorite versions of this pattern involve a lot of fussy cutting and fussy cutting takes up a lot of fabric. This is a bucket list quilt for me that I estimate I will spend more than 100 hours plannings, cutting, basting, and stitching. If I’m going to invest that kind of time, I want it to be amazing.

5. Mischief Take 2

Status: fabric to get started and an idea for something new. I’m waiting to finishing piecing a few more EPP projects and do a bit more planing before I start.