I Started the Quilting

Here are all the quilts I started quilting and haven’t finished for whatever reason. This is the list that bothers me the most because most of the delay is how intimidated I get over JUST DOING IT. I want to do my best work so I psych myself out before I try.

Grandmother Flower Garden

Back in 2017 I decided I wanted to learn to English Paper Piecing. Having no idea where to started, I watched a youtube video which showed this pattern. I pulled the fabric from a Sew Sampler Box from Fat Quarter Shop and started. I had no plan and NO IDEA how much work it would be. It took me until December of 2019 to finish this quilt top.

Mischief Quilt

Here is the first English paper piecing pattern that made it to a quilt top. I stopped working on it when I decided I wanted to finish it by hand quilting. I’ve let this quilt sit in my guest room for THREE YEARS while I put off learning to hand quilt. One of the advantages of the COVID pandemic is I have a lot of time to sit in my house and supervise while my kids go to school. I’ve started the hand quilting and will probably be working on it well into 2021. There are 100 blocks. I’ve been quilting the sections around the centers, which means I have 400 sections to hand quilt.