I am not a monogamous English paper peicer. I try to stay true to one project at a time, and I simply cannot. After spending a long time on one project, I find my eyes wander to something else. I cannot help it.

EPP has become a significant part of my stay calm routine. Getting cozy on the couch with some epp and an audio book is my new favorite thing. Here’s the list


My quilting Insta friend, Alice, rehomed this pattern with me. I’m trying to make a rainbow quilt. We’ll see how it goes. Pattern by Willyne Hammerstein. In the book Millefiori Quilts 4.

Pemberley Quilt

I have a deep love for all things Jane Austen and Pride and Prejudice is one of my favorites (Persuasion would be at the top). I found out there is a Pride and Prejudice themed quilt and I had to try. I decided to use my Alison Glass scraps since this quilt is full of small pieces. I’m about a third of the way through the blocks. Ten of my blocks are taking part in an art show right now.

Lone Star

I wanted to make an EPP Lone Star Quilt for awhile and I had this beautiful rainbow roll of 2.5 Kona Cotton strips from Robert Kaufman. I spent awhile trying to pre-plan this out, and I couldn’t get it to work. So I decided to go with my standard MO and wing it. I cut them up in color order and starting to sew them in a swirling pattern. I’m wondering about doing some sort of stripe with the colors as a border before adding more of the grey.

Ice Cream Soda Take 2

A friend of my aunt hired me to make a quilt from a kit she bought. I like to treat cutting instructions like a puzzle to see how much fabric I can squeeze out of yardage. As a result, I had a whole lot of leftovers. Since my friend loves to enjoy quilts rather than make them, she let me keep the scraps. Now I’m turning the scraps into my second attempt at this quilt. I opted to use each set of three fabrics I put together three times to speed up the process and reduce the number of choices I’d need to make. I need to put the borders on and then pick out some background fabric.

La Passacaglia

If ever there was a bucket list quilt, this baby is it! I procrastinated starting this one for ages because doing the whole quilt felt overwhelming, In 2020, I decided that I will start making centers and then go from there. In 2021, I plan to join a sew-a-long to try to actually move myself past centers.

Pie Hexies

I saw another Instagrammer post a few pictures of these and decided I must try it. I’m finding these things so much fun that I keep making a few every time I need something fast and pretty.

Patterns Waiting in the Wings

For Christmas my family bought me a Libs Elliot Watcher quilt and a Tula Pink Tula Nova quilt. Then I was given a cute Butterfly Quilt for my birthday, and I’m also itching to make another Mischief Quilt. Basically, I will probably always have a bunch of epp projects in the work because I love it.