2019 Finishes

Just For Me

Here are is the quilt and quilting project I made and kept for myself this year. Interestingly enough they were both English paper piecing projects.

Mandolin Quilt

This quilt pattern was designed by Jodi of @talesofcloth on Instagram. I used the fabric Dance of the Dragonfly. I hung this quilt in my therapy office because I found the pattern soothing. After I hung the quilt I noticed I made a piecing error. I rotated one of the fussy cut pieces 90 degrees. I see a lot of people with deep perfectionism patterns. These people believe if the are not perfect than they have no value or are not good enough. I will ask those people if I should throw away my quilt because it isn’t perfect. Many of them look at me confused because they can’t even find the error. If you want to know where the mistake is, I describe it under the picture. Be forewarned: Once you see it, you cannot unsee it.

The error is in the blue mandolin on the bottom right. Look at the squares in the second to last row on the outside.

Peacock by Violet Craft

This is the first English paper piecing project I every finished. I made it into a cushion that sits on my chair for back support.

Someone Paid Me to Make Her Quilts

One of the great surprises and joys of 2019 is that a friend of my aunt asked me to make a quilt for her. She’d bought a kit years ago and hadn’t been able to find someone to to put it together for her. Now I have the pleasure of making all the quilts she finds online and wants for herself. We did two this year.

Death by triangles

The official name of this quilt is Moda Modern Building Blocks 2014, but there are so many stinking triangles in this quilt that I saw fit to rename it. It was so freaking huge that I wasn’t able to have it all spread out for a final photo. A friend hired me to make it and I sent it out for quilting because this monster was HUGE. There was no way I wanted to haul it through my domestic sewing machine.

This Quilt was huge. It measured at 60×90

Those Trees

My friend liked this pattern so much she asked me to make it for her twice. The quilting was done by the amazing Teresa Silva of @quiltingismybliss on Instagram. Didn’t she do amazing things with the negative space?

All the Baby Quilts

Allie the Owl

I’m pretty sure I will be making Elizabeth Hartman patterns for forever. My sister-in-law is having a baby girl and her theme was purple owls so this pattern seemed fitting. I wasn’t able to get back how angry it turned out, so I imagine it’s a warrior owl that protects babies from bad dreams.

I love Baby Richardson!

A friend of mine was able to have her sweet baby after years of struggling with infertility. It was an amazing joy to be able to gift this family a quilt.

I love Baby Cornier

I spent about six years volunteering with high school students. One of my favorite things is watching those kids grow into adults. I especially love when they have babies and I can make them quilts. This student was a figure skater and married a hockey player.

Ocean Baby

As previously stated, I love Elizabeth Hartman. Here is the baby size of her Awesome Ocean pattern. I swear it’s sitting quilted and bound in my house. I haven’t gotten around to photographing the finished product, but I promise it’s done. I’d say scout’s honor, but I wasn’t a girl scout.

A little doll quilt

My daughter’s little friend got a crib for her baby doll and the baby doll didn’t have any bedding. Obviously, a quilt was required. It’s a lot of fun to be able to whip a little something up for kids or their friends.