Waiting to Be Quilted

Chaos Quilt

In the process of digging around in my sewing space, I found SO MANY orphan blocks leftover from old projects or projects that I started, but wasn’t going to do finish. This project was a great learning experience. I’ve not ever worked without a pattern before and I usually only use fabric from the same designers. I named this gal the Chaos Quilt because of the process and the end result.

Butterfly Quilt

This is another quilt that came out of my goal to clear out my space in 2023. I had the pattern and the fabric for years and decided it was time to make something out of it. This quilt was a lot of fun because it required no real thought or planning. It was fun to throw the blocks together and let them be whatever they were going to be.

Cupcake Crossing

Here we have another quilt that falls into the “clearing out my stash category. It’s another bit that came in my sew sampler box. It’s tiny like less than 30 inches on the longest side. I’m thinking it’s going to spend its life as a doll quilt. I have backing and binding ready for this one, so perhaps I’ll end up quilting it soon.

Bubblegum Kisses

Here we have our third quilt that was based on fabric and a pattern from my old sew sampler subscription. I used only scraps/leftovers in my stash to finish this quilt. I had plenty of 2.5 scraps of white Kona Cotton hanging around, and the sparkly gray and red are more leftovers. I’m planning on using leftover bits of white, gray, and red for the binding.

SI T-Shirt Quilt

I spent 6 years volunteering with teenagers, and the organization was really big on t-shirts for camps and for all sorts of events. I didn’t want to wear the shirts anymore, so I opted to put them into a quilt. I prepped the blocks ages ago, but then they just sat. Mostly because I really hate making t-shirt quilts. This quilt got caught up in my plan to clear out my quilting space in 2023. I have an old piece of canvas that was used to make a Schaconahoff flag for a Sandblast at one time, and I’m going to try to make that into the backing. We’ll see how it goes.

Tattoo Quilt

The year 2021 was the year of the block of the month. So I got to put together this beauty. I also managed to mis-read the pattern and trim my blocks to be too small and different sizes to I opted to add a border to the pattern.

Nebula Quilt

I finished by Nebula quilt and hung it up on the frame I use to create a background for my Zoom meetings. Then I got distracted by all the new quilts to piece and it’s still sitting there. I haven’t even taken a picture of it.