2021 Finishes


I made quilt for my sister and it was too huge to take a full picture of…plus it was the end of the year and I was tired. So here we have a picture of some of the quilting, the quilt top, and my sister rolled in the quilt.

Log Cabin Quilt

This quilt was such a challenge because of all the white space. I’m pleased with how it turned out. 🙂

Grandmother’s Flower Quilt

Back in 2017 I decided I wanted to learn to English Paper Piecing. Having no idea where to started, I watched a youtube video which showed this pattern. I pulled the fabric from a Sew Sampler Box from Fat Quarter Shop and started. I had no plan and NO IDEA how much work it would be. It took me until December of 2019 to finish this quilt top.

Mischief Quilt

Here is the first English paper piecing pattern that made it to a quilt top. I stopped working on it when I decided I wanted to finish it by hand quilting. I’ve let this quilt sit in my guest room for THREE YEARS while I put off learning to hand quilt. One of the advantages of the COVID pandemic is I have a lot of time to sit in my house and supervise while my kids go to school. There were 100 blocks. I quilted the sections around the centers, which means I had 400 sections to hand quilt. This stunning pattern is from Karen at the DIYAddict.

The Pineapples That Took Over the World

My sister asked me to make her a quilt for her bedroom and for her living room. We were rushing to pick out fabric and I made a math error, so we WAAAAAY over bought on the fabric needed to make the actual pineapples. So this project turned into the biggest quilt the pattern could make, a baby quilt, and three pillows. So friendly reminder, double check your math. Pattern by Elizabeth Hartman

A Pair of Swan

I love Elizabeth Hartmann patterns. They are interesting and fun to put together. I made this pair of swans for an art show that my work is hosting. I didn’t finish the edges because I’m not sure if I want to turn them into pillows after the show or leave them as minis.

Joshua’s Tiger Quilt

My five year-old gave me the puppy-dog eyes and asked for a quilt. What could I do? He asked for a tiger quilt. He picked the pattern and the fabric himself. The little tyrant REFUSED to let me pick any patterned fabric. The pattern is created by Counted Quilts.

Violinist Ballerina

I adore making baby quilts. I think quilts are the perfect play mat for tummy time and it’s great that they can be thrown into the wash whenever the quilt falls victim typical baby behavior. When I found out my friend Robert’s wife was expecting I asked what the colors/theme of the baby’s room would be. He told me they were using pink and purple fabric and the theme was ballet and violins since he is a violinist and she love ballet. This how I interpreted the prompt. The ballet shows is from TartanKiwi and the letters is from JayBirdQuilts.