Bobbi of @geekybobbin is one of my favorite Instagrammers! She recently posted about #ufovember, a time to go through the pile of incomplete or set aside projects to decide if they need to be restarted, reworked, or rehomed. I’ve been working my way through my pile already, but I thought I’d take her up on the challenge to go through all the places I keep UFOs (unfinished objects) to see if there were any missing and to decide what I want to do with them. These are listed in the order I found them.

Lone Star Quilt

I’ve wanted to make this style of quilt for awhile now, and I decided to do it using English Paper Piecing instead of machine piecing. I am very pleased with how it has turned out so far, but I’m stuck on how to finish. Right now it’s about 63 inches x 63 inches and I don’t like those dimensions. I want it to be bigger and less square, but I’m not sure how to make that happen. I also saw someone who did a colored stripe in the border, and I thought it would be interesting to mix some of the colors into borders. The problem is that I am almost completely out of the fabric I used for the star, and I don’t want to buy cuts of fabric when what I need is scraps.

WHAT I NEED TO FINISH: Solve the borders problem and then buy backing/binding

BadAss Quilt

My sister bought me the background fabric for this quilt as a birthday gift and I made the letters from leftovers from my Nebula and Tattoo Quilt blocks of the month. It’s only been on the UFO pile for about a month. It’s mostly waiting in in to be quilted because I haven’t picked and purchased a backing fabric for it yet and there are other quilts that are ready to go.

WHAT I NEED TO FINISH: Select and buy backing and binding fabric

Tula Pink Butterfly Quilt

I made this quilt in 2018 as part of a sew-a-long, and I am just coming to terms with how much I don’t like it. Picking fabric is hard for me, which is why I rarely mix fabric designers. I do not like the outcome of this quilt, so I have decided to rehome it. Sometime in the next week, I will post this quilt to my Instagram feed and offer it and the binding to anyone who wants to finish it. I feel sad about letting it go, but I also think it’s the right thing to do. I’ve put off finishing it for YEARS. It’s time to let it go.

WHAT I NEED TO FINISH: Post of Insta and mail it off.

Interwoven Quilt

In the Spring of this year my sister hinted that she wanted a quilt. I like my sister, so I thought, “Why not?” We made a deal, she bought the supplies, and I put it together. Holy crap, does my sister know color. How amazing is this project?!?! Today, I started to get the fabric together to piece the backing. I am hoping to have it ready to start quilting…or to actually start the quilting by the end of the week.

WHAT I NEED TO FINISH: Sister needs to give me an idea of how she wanted this project quilted and she’ll need to pick out the binding fabric.

Cherish Quilt

I’ll be honest, I forgot I had this quilt top hanging in the closet of our spare bedroom. I finished this one (I think) in 2019 and I haven’t finished it because I am loathed to use the Tula Pink Trash Panda (aka racoon) fabric I set aside of the backing. It’s so cute! And out of print! What if I want it for something else?!?!?! Okay, you’re right. Let it go and get the quilt done. Good talk.

WHAT I NEED TO FINISH: Suck it up buttercup…..use the fabric and get quilting

Ice Cream Soda Quilt

This quilt is a good example of why it is important to make sure what you believe is true matches reality. I’ve been thinking for months that I have to sew borders on this quilt. I checked …turns out it’s ready for quilting. This one joins the BadAss quilt in the needs a backing and binding in order to finish. Also, I was too lazy to take a new picture. So imagine a border that matches the joining pieces.

WHAT I NEED TO FINISH: Time to go fabric shopping!!!!!!!!

Tattoo Block of the Month

All of my blocks are sewn and ready for joining. BUT, I’m using three of them for the art show I have up at work, so the soonest I’ll be able to put this top together would be after the show ends in January.

WHAT I NEED TO FINISH: I need all my blocks at home. Courage, Grace, and Wisdom are on loan. I figure there’s no point in putting the rest together until they’re back. They take up less space that way.

Nebula Block of the Month

I may have put this one so far toward the bottom so that you don’t notice that I’m avoiding it. I have the main blocks done, but I have to cut about a million pieces for the background and then sew them together. I feels a bit daunting, so I’m rationalizing my avoidance by focusing on all the projects I’m finishing.

Okay, even I don’t buy that excuse. If I am nagging my Insta-pal Laura like crazy for avoiding a project, than I shouldn’t do it either. So, no other piecing work until I at least start on this one.

WHAT I NEED TO FINISH: I have to finish the background so I can put this baby together.


I almost left these next two off the list because English Paper Piecing projects are slow work. However, I decided it’s still good to check in. I have about 16 of the blocks done for this quilt, and I think that’s close to half way. This is another quilt that I used some of the unfinished blocks for my art show. So I will keep chugging along on this project.

La Passacaglia

This is another one that I almost didn’t own up to. I work on this quilt in fits and starts. I suspect I will still be working on it five years from now. But in the meantime, the blocks are cool looking.

And that’s all of it! I wonder if this is a bit like what going to confession feels like. Time to get back to work piecing the backing for my sister’s Interwoven quilt and composing a post to give away the butterfly top. Happy UFOVEMBER!!!!!

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