What I’m Avoiding

Ever start a project, get into the middle of it and then loose interest? Or maybe it wasn’t turning out the way you originally thought, so you stopped working on it?

Just me? ‘Kay, great.

Here is the list of projects I want to finish but I’ve cast aside for one reason or another. You can also think of this as my closet of quilting shame. Whatever works for you.

Block 14

After doing the #100days100block2017 challenge I wondered what would happen if I made a whole quilt from one block in the book.

Status: I don’t like the way the colors are working on this quit, so it’s sitting in a box while I pretend it doesn’t exist.

Student Impact T-shirt Quilt.

Status: I made a bunch of squares from old t-shirts. They are sitting in a bin

Purple Hearts

These are the leftover half square triangles and scraps from a heart quilt I made ages ago. i wanted to do something with the leftovers. I started making various half square triangle blocks, but I’m not sure how it’ll all work together. In the mean time…avoiding.